Guidelines and General Information (links to many resources)

ADHD Guide 2007
Antibiogram SAH 2006
Antibiogram SAH 2007
Brigham and Womens Primary Care Contacts
Anxiety information
Asthma guidelines
Change: Stages of Change
Colonoscopy FU Protocol
COPD guidelines
Diabetes: Guidelines from Massachusetts/Working Group on Adult Diabetes
GERD/dyspepsia guidelines
Depression information
High-Risk Geriatric Drugs
Glasgow Coma Scale
Headache criteria
OCD criteria
Oral contraceptive information
Pharyngitis: Centor Score
Sinusitis Outcome Graphs
Smoking Cessation (The Five A's)
Suicide Questions
Surgery: Periopherative Risk Assessment (full article from 2007 in a pdf)
Testosterone Treatment Guideline