ECW Newsletters and Updates from 2013-2017

ECW Newsletter from December 11, 2013: Discusses naming conventions and the problems with the transfer of allergy data from ECW (12/11/13).

ECW Newsletter from December 18, 2013: Miscellaneous information about a few problems with ECW in the early days (12/18/13).

ECW Newsletter Medications: A 4-page document outlining many facets of prescribing in ECW (based on ECW 9 - but it applies to ECW 10 as well.

ECW Newsletter Actions: Discusses how to set up and use "Actions" in ECW version 9 (created in 2014).

ECW Newsletter eCliniSense: A brief discussion of "eCliniSense" in ECW vesion 9 (created in 2014).

ECW Update: Discusses locking templates and making them public (version 9, created in 2014).

Mini Exam Template: How to make little personal physical exam templates (updated 9/27/15).

Rx Eligibility: How to set the formulary with Rx Eligibility.

Updates: Some miscellaneous updates regarding PQRS, Meaningful Use, and LMR (8/5/15).

PQRS Measures: A discussion of PQRS measures (8/16/15).

Proposal for Alerts: Proposal as of 8/21/15.

Alerts How To: Updated 10/25/15: This "How To" explains how to use and satisfy an alert.

Miscellaneous ECW Issues: Update from 8/29/15 - many issues addressed.

Lab/DI/Procedure favorites: From 8/30/15, this "How To" explains how to add and remove lab/DI/Procedure favorites.

PQRS/Preventive Medicine How To: From 8/30/15, this "How To" explains Preventive Medicine/PQRS workflows (diabetic foot, incontinence, fall risk, BMI counseling).

Update from 9/13/15: PQRS, Allergy-Drug interactions, Practice-Specific Alerts, P2P

P2P How To: "How To" for P2P (sending, receiving, reading, inviting new docs).

ICD-10 How To: "How To" for ICD-10.

Examination Entry Options: Offers three ways to increase efficiency in enter physical exams into progress notes.

Update from 10/4/15: Discusses letters, allergy-drug alerts, lab/compendium issues, and more.

Allergy How To: "How To" entering and updating allergies in ECW.

Update 10/17/15: Update - includes some information about IMO, drug-allergy update, and the Pediatric Health Form.

Update 10/24/15: Update - discusses lab views/flowsheets, practice specific alerts, the new N jellybean, and drug-allerg alerts.

Update 11/01/15: Update - discusses practice specific alerts and the problem list/RAF scores/HCC/red and blue arrows.

Update 11/07/15: Update - discusses practice specific alerts, colonoscopies as diagnostic images, entering outside diagnostic images, P2P issues, the problem list, and Scribe.

How To: Entering a colonoscopy as a diagnostic image

How To: Entering an outside diagnostic image into ECW

Update 11/22/15: Update - discusses PQRS (fall risk), alert, and enter an outside DI into ECW.

How To: Medications (entering, searching history, deleting)

Diabetic Supplies

Alias and No Shows: Update - discusses alias lab orders and a suggestion for keeping track of no shows.

Video: How to set up, update, and use an alias lab file in ECW.

Video: How to review the medication history of a patient (check to see when a medication was first prescribed, when doses were changed, when refills were done and by whom).

Video: How to prescribe medications in ECW (and how to set your default choice for My Favorites vs Standard medication lists when opening the prescribing window).

Video: How to link a scanned document to an order (and in doing so, satisfy certain alerts).

Video: How to create mini-physical exam templates, and copy or merge them into existing notes.

Video: How to create a visit template in ECW.

Video: How to set up alerts in the schedule to keep track of no-shows/late arrivals/last minute cancellations.

Video: How to regenerate a medication list quickly and painlessly.

Video: How to create and use macros in your patient visits.

Video: Entering allergies in ECW.

Video: Working with actions in ECW.

Video: Setting up medication favorites in ECW.

Video: Using the Patient Portal.

Video: Setting up and using lab, DI, and Procedures favorites.

Video: Setting up and adding immunizations in ECW.

Video: Setting up and adding immunizations in ECW - with update from September, 2016.

NDC Conversion Table - from 10-digit to 11-digit NDC code for immunizations.

Immunization Names used in ECW by PrimaCARE as of September, 2016.

Video: Ordering and reviewing colonoscopies in ECW.

Video: How to copy labs/X-rays to other providers, and how to view labs/X-rays copied to you.

Video: Explanation of why deleted medications sometimes reappear on the medication list, and a strategy to avoid this using the 'D' button

Video: How to link a scanned lab/X-ray/GI procedure/lab to an order (the link shows up as a gray paperclip next to the order).

Video: An explanation of what parts of the ECW chart that are posted automatically to the health portal.

Video: A short video outlining how to respond to an electronic refill request from a pharmacy.

Video: A short video describing the new Smart Search HCC/RAF score function.

Video: Setting up and sending referrals in ECW at PrimaCARE.

Video: Finding unlocked visits in ECW.

Video: Managing ECW when someone is out of the office.

How To: Entering and updating an allergy in ECW (updated 7/4/16).

Video: Example of a workflow for the typical primary care visit.

School Forms: A quick review of how to generate a school form in ECW

Video: Using the tobacco dependence/smoking order set in ECW.

Video: PQRS documentation of tobacco counseling.

Video: PQRS documentation of tobacco counseling, PLUS how to use the smoking cessation orderset.

Video: How to set up a standing order in ECW.

Video: PQRS documentation of depression screening and treatment.

Video: PQRS documentation of fall risk.

ECW 10 Upgrade, July, 2017 - What's New?

ECW 10 Error Messages (as of 8/19/17)

Meaningful use/Advanced Care Initiative/NextGen ACO/MIPS measures and benchmarks as of 9/17

Dr. Kney's Prostate Cancer Screening Video

Dr. Kney's Video about statins (drugs to lower cholesterol)