Stretching Exercises for Your Elbow

Your painful elbow developed because the muscles and tendons in your forearm and wrist were not able to absorb the force placed on them while playing a sport. If you wish to continue playing and avoid injuring your elbow again, you must follow a regular program of exercises to improve flexibility and increase the strength and endurance of your forearm and wrist.

Here are the stretching exercises you should do every day to improve flexibility. Remember, moderation is important! To start, repeat the exercises the minimum number of times and increase as you get stronger. Allow enough time to do these exercises at a reasonable pace. If you experience a lot of pain when you are doing the exercises, you're definitely overdoing it.

elbow stretch #1

Strengthening Exercise for Your Elbow

This aid shows the strengthening exercises you should do every day if you wish to continue playing your favorite sport. Do this series of strengthening exercises as soon as you have completed your stretching exercises on the previous page.

elbow stretch #3

Ice applications

After you have done your stretching and strengthening exercises, apply ice to your elbow for 15-20 minutes. Here's an easy and inexpensive way to do this:

If you'd rather rest your elbow in ice for the 15-20 minutes, try this: Mold a plastic bag containing loose-packed frozen peas or corn around your elbow. You can refreeze the bag for future ice treatments, but don't eat the vegetables since they will probably spoil.