Facts and Fiction about Nails

Diet has very little to do with the condition of your nails. Since nails are made of protein, the idea persists that eating gelatin (a protein) will strengthen them - but this is NOT true. Nor is it true that calcium will strengthen nails (there is no calcium in nails, so this belief makes no sense at all).

Nail ridges and spots are seldom anything to worry about. Many people have white lines or spots on one or more nails. Vertical ridges are often hereditary and may become more prominant with age. Horizontal ridges are usually due to trauma (often self-induced by overzealous manicuring). Occasionally, they can be a sign of illness. Splitting nails are usually due to dry skin/dry nails. Fragile nails can be seen with anemia, malnutrition, or thyroid conditions.

There are some ways that you can protect your nails and prevent splitting and breaking: