Brad Kney, MD
Kerri Mathieu, PA-C
101 Sullivan Drive
Fall River, MA 02721

Dear Parents:

As you know, adolescence is a time for parents and their children to shift gears. With this in mind, I suggest two approaches that have proven helpful in providing medical care for teenagers:

  1. A doctor's exam is often more successful when the parent is not present. This understandably may be difficult for parents, but it encourages the teenager to take responsibility for his or her own health. Often, privacy makes it easier for teenagers to share information with the doctor.
  2. Confidentiality is important. I am as concerned as you are about your teenager's healthy and safe transition from adolescence to adulthood. It is important for you and your teenager to understand that all answers given on health questionnaires and responses during an examination are confidential as provided by law. The intent is to encourage an honest exchange on health issues. You will be notified, with the knowledge of the teenager, if there appears to be a danger to your teenager or to others based on the information obtained during the exam.
    At the visit, the following important issues may be discussed:

I would encourage you to share this letter and discuss these issues with your teenager. In addition, please feel free to share your concerns and questions with me in writing or in person at the start or end of the visit. I would be happy to arrange a conference with you if you°«d like. I am dedicated to keeping your teenager healthy and safe.