Tips For Kicking Cigarettes Out of Your Life!

Phase one (Two weeks before you stop smoking completely):

  1. Keep a tally of the cigarettes you smoke each day. Record the total number of cigarettes you smoke.
  2. Buy only one pack of cigarettes at a time.
  3. After the third day of the program, switch brands. Smoke "anti-cigarettes"; that is, smoke brands you generally would never smoke, ones that are distasteful to you.
  4. Change at least two things about the way you smoke. For instance, you might hold the cigarette in the other hand, smoke with the cigarette on the other side of your mouth, inhale faster or slower than you normally do.
  5. Make two areas of your home and workplace "no smoking" areas.
  6. Delay smoking 30 minutes after meals.
  7. See it you are able to go 10 waking hours without smoking one day.
  8. Begin a thorough cleanup of your environment: Have your clothing cleaned, get rid of all ashtrays; clean smoke film off windows, mirrors, and other surfaces.
  9. Write down your thoughts about your smoking habit and how you will eliminate it.
  10. Start a program of oral hygiene: Brush your teeth one extra time every day, and make an appointment for dental cleaning approximately one month from now.
  11. Give yourself two 5-10 minute quiet periods per day. Close your eyes, breath deeply, think relaxing thoughts, and imagine throwing away your cigarettes.
  12. Weigh yourself; if you need to lose weight, begin your diet now. Exercise daily
  13. Set a date within the next week or two when you will stop smoking completely.

Phase two (The week you stop smoking completely):

  1. Choose a day this week when you will stop smoking completely.
  2. Continue "routine" stop-smoking activities using anti-cigarettes, buying one pack at a time, keeping count of how many cigarettes you smoke, and so on.
  3. Drink less coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages, especially if you tend to smoke while you drink them. If you often have a cigarette during a coffee break or while having a drink after work, for instance, skip the coffee or the drink.
  4. During your daily quiet periods, program yourself with images of how successful your efforts to stop smoking will be.
  5. Make four areas of your home and workplace "no smoking" areas.
  6. Watch smokers: Note how unpleasant the habit is. Look at smoking ads. Ask yourself, "What is this ad saying to me? What is it trying to sell me?"
  7. Delay smoking for one hour after meals.
  8. After going one hour without smoking, take your pulse. Then smoke two cigarettes rapidly, and take your pulse again. Think about what smoking does to your heart rate.
  9. Go a full day without smoking, as a trial run.
  10. Stop smoking completely on the day you told yourself you would.

Hazards of smoking (CS stands for current smoker, and NS stands for nonsmoker):