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Welcome to the new paradigm. Good food promotes good health!

This is a website and program that is a "work in progress". I passionately believe that WHAT YOU EAT determines HOW YOU FEEL. I have spent 25 years treating disease with medicine, when I know in my heart of hearts that nutrition is the KEY to good health. My plan is to find a way to link people to good food - with instruction from great chefs - so that every season will be linked to healthy local foods. I hope the chefs can teach us all how to eat in season - with the best local produce creating the most exciting meals. If you wish to join me on the journey, stay tuned!

The photo on the right of the upper screen is a photo of our garden. As of 9/14/13, we have canned about 80 pints of concentrated tomato sauce, picked 25 pumpkins, 35 spaghetti squash, picked/cleaned/cut/blanched about 40 meals of string beans. If you have even just 10 square feet of space - GROW some vegetables. If you have no space, find a farmer's market. Try to get away from fastfood, chips, sweets - get back to the earth, where good food can nourish your body and soul. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that good nutrition promotes good health.

The Mediterranean diet offers good food, good taste, and relatively easy meal preparation. It promotes fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables - and shuns red meat, simple white carbs, sweets. With very little effort, you can enjoy delicious, colorful meals that are GOOD for you.

I believe that 80% of the serious disease seen in my office could be prevented (or at least, delayed) with better nutrition and better lifestyles. I was very impressed with an article in Nutrition Action Newsletter in 10/09 called "What Should I Eat". I find the Nutrition Action Newsletter to be very informative, and well worth the subscription price. Another article (in the May, 2011) edition provides a lot of insight as to how we are all fooled into eating more than we should.

We as a country/world over-fish the ocean for just about 10 major species - throwing out 100 to 1000 pounds of unwanted seafood for each pound of our favorite seafood. I have included a chart of about 70 fish that you might consider instead of your favorites. Instead of cod and orange roughy, try tilapia, haddock, or pollack. Instead of snapper, try farm-raised barramundi. Instead of Atlantic halibut, try Pacific halibut (see the chart for comparison). Oysters are a good choice in general, as are clams.

I tend to neglect food safety - just ask my wife. BUT it is important. The Nutrtion Action Newsletter published a very nice article about food safety - I encourage you to read this, and take it to heart. No one wants Salmonella or Listeria - for many, these illnesses are a nuisance, for some, they are deadly.